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Straightcut Blog

Just had two fun days packed with lecturing, training and practicing skills in gentlemen  grooming :). The intensive seminar was ably organised by Cortex Limited with their Depot products and confident educator Clinton Attart. Handling a straight barber razor blade gave me some shivers at first...reminded of my first days in the profession clipping with my scissors. I can only respect even more the veteran barbers handling the razor with such confidence and precision making it look so easy. Masters!

Learning about the Depot products was way more easy and up my street. Depot products are superbly unique for finishing, pre-post-shave, conditioning, oiling and much more.

We stock Depot products in case you need any for home use. Looking forward to share my advice as to what could work best for you.

Stay tuned...attending a week's intensive course in Milan soon.

Posted: 09/02/2017 07:46:10 by Rosaire Sare' | with 0 comments