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My impression? Just impressively overwhelming!

So much technology goes into our products. An overflow of information in these first 3 days of this global gathering in Varese Italy, hometown of Z.One Concept Hair products. An unrestricted collection of new products and top notch educators (even if they feel to most of us here like a rollercoaster with the speed everything is happening). Found it hard to keep up with notes. But overall I feel I'm doing great.

People? So many from different nationalities. My cheekbones are in a cramp smiling and greeting them :) Have to... Flavia (my colleague) and myself are ambassadors of Robert Micallef of Cortex over here. I should be grateful to him for this opportunity.

I am attaching some pictures just to give you a feel even if it is hard to imagine what it is really like here. Stay tuned for more. 3 more days to go. Bursting with ideas.


Posted: 19/02/2017 13:41:28 by Rosaire Sare' | with 0 comments