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Finally over? Mixed feelings.

On the one side, yes. It was one of the toughest weeks I can remember. Felt like in a sinister examination hall with stiff students and observing invigilators :) High tension...master educators, tight time for every project, long days starting at 0830hrs and ending at 1900hrs...Tough. But every day was a winner.

On the other side, I must admit it was the most enlightening week-long seminar I can remember. Mingling with top educators, listening to their experiences, learning about the science of the products and blending with the craft of styling...Any stylist's treasure trove. I now look forward passing on some of this experience to my staff and CortexLtd Seminar participants. New chapter.

I share with you some of the captured moments of these last 7 days. Enjoy :)



Posted: 25/02/2017 11:35:57 by Rosaire Sare' | with 0 comments